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Market Share Capture Program© delivers...

$6 Mil to $40 Mil of Incremental sales and profits

If you work with Distribution Partners or Volume Distributors like ScanSource, Tech Data, Ingram, Arrow, Synnex and others, we can help.

We understand your challenge.


You have a Distribution agreement.

Where is the Business volume?

  • Resellers & business partners: Not producing, not growing and holding back your company's performance? “Business as usual”
  • Business Development: Major partners and OEM relationships do not produce significant revenues in rapid time
  • Expense trap: you must add headcount and expenses to achieve incremental sales
  • Time trap: it takes forever to develop a high revenue national account or OEM agreement

Are you thinking about:

  • How many more people you need to dedicate to Distribution?
  • Funding a person on-site at Tech Data or another Distributor?
  • How productive are your Channel Account Managers?
  • Have you already laid off your Business Development person?
  • Other ways to cut or control expenses and drift through these tough times?

We are EXPERT in...


See Services we offer Manufacturers

  • Up to 50% increase in your distibution and reseller business
  • On-site representation at Tech Data if needed
  • Reseller program that guarantees to...
                               CAPTURE MARKET SHARE
  • Bundle Programs that guarantee your product sells with non-competitive BUSINESS SOLUTIONS
  • Maintenance & Support programs designed to drive incremental revenue

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