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Market Share Capture Program© delivers...

$6 Mil to $40 Mil of Incremental sales and profits.

(Call for details & see Programs Offered section)

Economy down... Tough times?

We believe our current economy is prime for those who want to capture market share.

While your competitors are thinking about how they can cut costs, control expenses and drift through these tough times we want you to know we can help.


IBM - Cisco - Nortel - HP/3Com - Avaya - Dell

AT&T - Bandwidth Providers

Video - VBrick Systems

Cloud Services

Virtualization - VMware

See Services we offer Resellers


How hard do you work to win business?

> 6 month sales cycle

> very little profit

> 3 to 4 month Installation that destroys profitability

> Post-Deployment headaches

> Can you provide a turnkey solution???

We provide "Bundled" programs

including products and services:

> 1 month sales cycle

> little competition & good profit

> 1 to 2 day Installation managed by phone

> No Post-Deployment headaches

> A turnkey solution that provides you a monthly fee or annual annuity

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