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“writing the book“

Each day we write the book of our lives.

It forces you to really think about life and family.

Most urgent, but probably the most transparent is the passing of time.

Every day, every hour, and every minute is special.

Love Life. It is so precious.

John Bazzone is the Founder of the Business Roadmapping© process and ATAS (Advanced Technology Advisory Services).

Advanced Technology Advisory Services (ATAS) brings a unique process of Business Roadmapping© that puts your business on the road to accelerated sales, profits, growth and eliminates cost, expense and in some cases years of pain by combining Go To Market Strategies & a proven process that generates sales and growth.

Understanding Roadmapping© is key because the process clarifies your business and goals.

In our professional lives we are all on a timeline and Roadmapping© is not only essential but key to success.

15 years and counting...

The Business Roadmapping© process was born from a need to help business owners and senior level executives succeed.

Technology and business management go together. One is not successful without the other. In the late 1990's rapid technology adoption drove the need to insure business success, hence Business Roadmapping© was born.

The process evolved...

"When I first began using Business Roadmapping© I was not certain how well it would work. Too many variations in business? Too many types of smokestacks? Everybody is different.

I took time to study the systems and processes others have used for years. And then I began the most important test of all – putting Business Roadmapping© into action.

No, it was not perfect the first time. The process has evolved... and it works. What I want you to understand from this process... Businesses are different, however this process is flexible and provides the discipline for managing a successful business, improving personal performance and achieving your goals - you just have to begin using it!

What Business Roadmapping© does is unique. I not only consider it the 'best of the best' in how it helps a business succeed, but combined with the right level of expertise and experience it is unmatched in delivering results.”

Writing the book...

Coming soon, Roadmapping© for Success.

For early availability of the book Roadmapping© for Success please email

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