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Convergence is a critical trend in IT, moving away from strict operational and technology silos to help IT deliver better service on behalf of the business. 

Convergence is not unique to a single vendor, but HP is well ahead of the pace.

HP Networking:


When we bring together networking and servers, we create a unique product called Virtual Connect, which virtualizes connectivity at the server edge while providing full orchestrated management between the networking and server teams. 

Virtual Connect, dramatically reduces network equipment requirements, reduces cabling, and improves time-to-service. 

HP brings together networking and storage teams:

we deliver capabilities like Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Converged Enhanced Ethernet, forming a basis for converged networking across the data center.

HP brings together networking and software teams:

we deliver end-to-end orchestration capabilities, eliminating human error and bringing the network into alignment with the rest of IT. These types of development are a core part of HP’s Converged Infrastructure and highlight the difficulty of similar innovations from other vendors. 

HP Networking solutions work in open systems way:

There are no limits in having HP support a multivendor environment, merely that there is a “better together” model with HP solutions. 

Example, HP top-of-rack switches

will work as aggregation devices with any and all blade and rack servers; however, we can drive benefits farther by leveraging server and storage advantages with HP solutions. 


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