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Intermec and Cisco Products

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Intermec is a trusted advisor with the skills, experience and focus to match your networking and business needs. Industry Solutions

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Reference Guides As a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator, Intermec is an active participant in Cisco's Solutions Technology Integrator program and is thereby certified by Cisco as having an intimate knowledge of hardware, software and information technology systems. Customers or partners purchasing Cisco equipment from Intermec are assured Cisco's world-class hardware along with Intermec's trusted expertise in bringing together an entire wireless system that works. The following materials provide guidance and reference information Cisco Aironet WLAN products:

  • Business Mobility Solutions Presentation (PDF) »
  • Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator (PDF) »

For complete information on Intermec INcontrol Device & Network Management Services contact us at or call 727-424-5780

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