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Microsoft Smarter Retailing In-Store and Distribution Center Operations

Intermec recognizes that retailers deserve the best in automated data collection to keep you up and running. Intermec is a leader in development, manufacture, and integration of wired and wireless automated data collection, RFID, mobile computing systems, bar code printers, and label media. Intermec's data automation retail solutions give you improved productivity, quality, and responsiveness by reducing errors and improving inventory management.

In Store: Intermec and its retail partners help retailers improve customer service, inventory tracking, loss prevention and shelf planning and management. Retail requires low-cost, durable, fixed and mobile POS Scanners as well as wireless handheld computers and networks to meet the increasing demands of store operations. Intermec provides a complete product line of tracking, scanning, and printing capabilities that integrates the cash register and back office in the store with warehouse management systems in the distribution center.

Distribution Center: Intermec offers the most complete line of automated data collection products on the market to keep retail goods moving. Efficient distribution is a key element of profitable retail operations. Intermec has decades of experience helping retailers manage the flow of goods through their distribution centers with a range of rugged, economical data collection devices and wireless networks, as well as the support and professional services to ensure systems run optimally.

Featured Products

CN2B: The powerful Intermec CN2B Mobile Computer combines the convenience of shirt pocket size for the ultimate in mobility, ideally suited for Store Operations/Store Management applications with the Retail industry. Rugged and reliable, the CN2Bis built to withstand the rigors of field use inside and out.

RFID: Intermec is a leader in RFID technology and standards development with extensive experience helping retailers implement complete RFID data collection systems. Intermec has a complete line of RFID products, including readers, antennas, printers and media (tags, inserts and smart labels).

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