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Ensuring that the right patient is always matched with the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions is critical to providing the right care. The healthcare industry is rapidly adopting bar coded or RFID-tagged wrist bands, patient information folders, and medications to be able to accurately and rapidly make the connections to ensure the right information is at hand. Some organizations have even deployed Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) systems for assisted verification.

Complete and accurate data means complete and accurate billing at check-out, because all the products and services have been captured at the point they were administered. Intermec products offer high speed, accurate, and secure data gathering so that healthcare providers know where their inventory stands at all times. Intermec printers and media enable providers to bar code or RFID tag patients, medications and records so that they can be uniquely and accurately identified with ease. Intermec handheld computers ensure that healthcare professionals can capture and use the information they need to on the spot. And Intermec computers also support voice communications, so when it's an emergency, contact can be made without needing an additional device. Furthermore, doctor-patient privilege is guaranteed with an Intermec-certified Cisco installation (including VoWiFi and RTLS), which ensures that organizations will have optimum performance and the latest security from their wireless network. From computers to printers to RFID, Intermec customers use SmartSystems for rapid deployment, fast problem solving, and remote configuration control. Intermec products cover a wide range of Patient Tracking and Administration applications, including:

  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Medication recording
  • Services recording
  • Vitals recording
  • User identification and time stamping
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