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Phase 1:

Sales Growth Strategies

ATAS is not a "general" consultant

It is said Strategy is important but Execution is vital for success. ATAS helps you focus on Execution.

The differences are dramatic:

  • Not just a Business Roadmap but execution tied to orders & revenue targets
  • We put this plan together with you and jointly ‘own’ execution
  • EXAMPLE: $10Mil incremental orders & revenue
  • Provide the best transition and revenue ramp
  • Order & Revenue forecasts & tracking. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly

Our Approach

ATAS provides a simplified and time-saving approach to improving and growing your business.

  • Your ATAS Team will provide a Roadmap specifically designed to address functional areas that provide the highest impact to your business.
  • We work as part of your management team to insure execution and processes are in place for sustained value.

Business Roadmapping Process©

  • Governance: Business Assessment & Goals
  • Customer Centric View: Functional view & inter-dependencies
  • Operational: Metrics & History
  • Market Assessment: Focus Areas
  • Roadmap: Plan - Design - Implement - Operate - Optimize
  • Execution


  • Quickly & Easily Execute Your Business Roadmap Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Higher Profits and Growth
  • Fast track Sales and Capture Significant Market Share in Record Time
  • Incremental shareholder or investor ROI
  • Position Brand as a sales leader to maximize market value

ATAS works with Owners and Senior Executives to assess current state of the business and leverage the Business Roadmapping© process to provide focus on sales and business acceleration while creating wealth for owners, shareholders and investors.

Contact us at or 727-424-5780

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