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New supplies and treatments are created all the time, so staying on top of inventory while keeping it lean is essential for healthcare organizations to provide great care while keeping costs down. Intermec products offer high speed, accurate, and secure data gathering so that providers know where their inventory stands at all times. Tracking trends, staying in sync with scheduled operations and actively managing minimum stocking levels becomes a fluid and dependable task with Intermec products.

Intermec printers and media enable healthcare providers to bar code or RFID tag their locations and products so they can uniquely identify their supplies and where they are stored, even if they require custom solutions for high and low temperature storage. Intermec handheld computers ensure that providers collect the right data and have the right information when and where they need it. Intermec computers also support voice communications, so when it's an emergency, contact can be made without needing an additional device. If security and shrinkage are a concern, healthcare organizations need look no further than Intermec's RFID solutions. Portal readers, personnel ID cards and RFID tags (label or rigid) can be deployed to secure access and identify products that are removed from secure storage areas. And if an employee has difficulty locating a unique item, the handheld RFID reader can be set to search and discover the asset, simply by walking through the storage area. An Intermec certified Cisco installation (including VoWiFi and RTLS) ensures providers will have optimum performance and the latest security from their wireless network. From computers to printers to RFID, Intermec customers use SmartSystems for rapid deployment, fast problem solving, and remote configuration control. Intermec products cover a wide range of Supplies handling applications, including:

  • Receiving
  • Repackaging / Re-labeling
  • Put away / Picking
  • Inventory
  • Searching
  • Ordering

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