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HP works with IT Management

to maximize performance and business objectives


  • How do you transition to accelerated growth?
  • Physical compression - Data Centers 85:6!
  • HP Networking provides collaboration among what previously may have been perceived as Silos; Storage, Servers, Networking, Facilities & Applications Management teams.

ELIMINATE: Status Quo -budget & spending as usual

This is a recent study from IDC, when you look at networking costs its much more than capital investment

Reductions in networking costs per user include:


This includes the lost user productivity from network downtime events as well as security incursions.

Power and space:

This includes the cost per kWh for power and HVAC, as well as the cost per square foot of leasing commercial datacenter space.

Infrastructure costs:

This includes the costs of purchasing and maintaining networking hardware and software.

IT staff:

Represents savings in the IT staff required to directly support networking hardware and end users

  • How do you support the network?
  • You should be comparing and contrasting these costs with every vendor.
  • It’s not just about capital investment.
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